Our Mission

Our Mission is clear; Guiding people to know and intentionally follow Jesus Christ.

We don't travel this road alone but together in community we get to know Jesus and experience His grace and His mercy. Our lives are transformed from me focussed to Jesus centred.

Our vision

Our Vision is to become a family of loving communities that intentionally follow Jesus Christ and sacrificially expresses His transforming presence in our world.




Our Story

On September 4th, 1997 at 11:19 PM, God interrupted a pastor who was peacefully reading in the living room of his mountainside home in British Columbia. That night, God gave Pastor Gerry Gould a clear leading – his family would be moving to a Toronto suburb in order to give leadership to a new Church aimed at reaching spiritual explorers. “Which Toronto suburb?” and “When would they move?” became the focus of his prayers.

While this was going on in BC, the Pastor of Bayview Glen Church was responding to an earlier prompting of God: to start a new Church, north of its Thornhill facility. Under his leadership, Nelson Annan and his Elders made this one of their strategic goals. In mid January 1998, a phone call from Thornhill to Lake Country brought the pieces of God’s plan together.

Gerry, his wife Leah and their kids were moving to the GTA. Gerry would join Nelson’s staff that summer. Over the next 14 months he would envision and lead a core group to launch “Summit Community Church” in the Toronto suburb of Richmond Hill. September 12th, 1999 saw an energetic group being commissioned by Bayview’s leadership during its morning services, and on October 17th, 1999 Summit Community Church was officially born in Richmond Hill. Summit’s first public service took place at H.G. Bernard Elementary School.

Today, Summit Community Church has grown into a thriving and dynamic spiritual community. Summit just celebrated our 17th anniversary, and we currently hold our Sunday services at Richmond Green High School.

Loving God. Loving People.


Responding in faith and baptism to the Gospel of the Kingdom of God initiates a journey in becoming an “Intentional Follower of Jesus Christ”. This journey continues by faith in a process of becoming like Jesus and participating in His mission. The following active traits begin to emerge more deeply and consistently over our lifetime as we surrender to the transforming work of the Spirit and Word of God:
Intentional followers of Jesus Christ are on a journey, deepening our experience of…

  • Connector.

    Believing God responds to faith and earnest prayer

    * heart commitment: trust completely

  • Connector.

    Bowing before Jesus Christ in loving worship and gratitude

    * heart commitment: worship passionately

  • Connector.

    Being filled with the Holy Spirit and walking in His power

    * heart commitment: receive repeatedly

  • Connector.

    Basing all of our beliefs and practices on God’s Word (The Bible)

    * heart commitment: obey explicitly

  • Connector.

    Bringing the love and good news of Jesus to people

    * heart commitment: live missionally

  • Connector.

    Becoming like Jesus in character, thoughts and affections

    * heart commitment: grow spiritually

  • Connector.

    Belonging together in loving, biblical community

    * heart commitment: love practically

  • Connector.

    Building up the Church by utilizing our spiritual gifts

    * heart commitment: serve joyfull

  • Connector.

    Blessing God and His Kingdom with the first of our financial resources

    * heart commitment: give generously

  • Connector.

    Bestowing dignity on the poor and oppressed through acts of compassion and justice

    * heart commitment: care holistically

Our Leadership Team


Gerry Gould

Lead Pastor
E-mail: gerry@summitcommunity.ca
Tel: (905) 887-5193 extension: 222


Gordon Mooi

Director of Operations
E-mail: gordon@summitcommunity.ca
Tel: (905) 887-5193


Amy Russell

Executive Pastor
E-mail: amy@summitcommunity.ca
Tel: (905) 887-5193 extension: 220

Priscila Pascoal

Director of Children’s and Family Ministries, Summit Kidz
E-mail: priscila@summitcommunity.ca
Tel: (905) 887-5193 extension: 223


Erwin Van Ramshorst

Youth Pastor
E-mail: erwin@summitcommunity.ca
Office: (905) 887 – 7901


Rose Scolamiero

Office Manager
E-mail: rose@summitcommunity.ca
Tel: (905) 887-5193 extension: 221

Join Us This Sunday

If you are new to the community or just thinking about checking us out, we hope you will join us this Sunday. At Summit everyone is greeted with a warm smile and welcomed no matter where you are on life’s journey. Whether you consider yourself to be a follower of Jesus Christ or new to the idea of church, you can find a home at Summit.