Hello Summit! And Happy 150th Birthday Canada! I recently went to the Angkor National Museum, as I was walking through the exhibits looking at artifacts from the “6 century,” I couldn’t help but think how young Canada is! There is so much history here in Cambodia, but sadly the Khmer people have chosen to believe in idols and follow the Buddhist belief! Even The Angkor Wat is referred to as “Heaven on Earth!” This reminds me of the story of the Tower of Babel and the people trying to reach heaven! Satan deceives and try’s to convince mankind that they can be god!
In June I had the privilege of working with Sinai and Nhgi Tran from the USA and their Aunt Minh Le from Vietnam. This was their first visit to Cambodia and first time serving at LYN. They are Vietnamese so they really helped with the translating, teaching classes, teaching at the Sunday services and teaching at the weekly Adult bible study nights. This was so awesome, because it gave Men and I a break from the weekly demands on us! Sinai is a magician and did some cool magic tricks for the children! They loved it and were in awe of his magic! Both boys are very musical, we enjoyed some wonderful time of worship. We also sang two songs (Vietnamese and English)at the Phsar Leu church, the children did amazing! I was so proud of them! We also did our monthly trip to the Lake, Sinai share a story from the bible and did a magic trick, we sang songs with them and gave out gift bags. Thankful for God’s continued protection over us as we travel back and forth from the Lake. Although there is a lot of work that goes into hosting a team (they stayed at the house with me) it also is a blessing! Very thankful for this experience.

We have had some challenges, some of our children’s parents are not allowing there children to come to the school or Church! The sad thing is they are mad at Mên and Nhut and blaming them for how they have managed their children! Those of you who know Mên and Nhut know that they are still young and are trying their best! The families are La’s and Tham’s!! Yes all 5 of Tham’s siblings are not coming!! We are so sad because we were wanting to send Mót to FBIS and he needs to be prepped for the test but is not allowed to come! Please pray for the Spirit to convict these families and that they would seek to forgive! The interesting thing is Tham and Là show up often to say Hi or ask for help when not feeling well. Today Là’s brother showed up at the gate, after school, Men and I invited him in told him we miss him, gave him some treats. He told us Là reads her bible every night and prays “asking Jesus for the opportunity to come back to school and church! Please pray for Mên these situations are very hard on him, he said to me “sorry teacher, I need to learn to be a better Shepherd of the children!”

English camp is going on at Phsar Leu church in July, it is now called “English Exchange,” I have asked Tham, Là, Cuc, Liêu, Kieu and Lun if they would like to go (our other youth are still in school), they all our interested in attending! Pray they connect with the other campers and develop friendships and grow in their faith! (Two camps; July 13-15 and July 24-28)

Thuân and her baby are here in Siem Reap for a visit. She came to see me Sunday morning. She has a baby boy and he is 3 months old, his name is Luc(Look). It is hard to see this 17 year old with a baby! I asked her if she thinks about Jesus or if she prays to Jesus and she said “no!” The baby has the red yarn around both wrists and the red necklace, he also has a earring with a horn, I know the horn has superstition. So sad, breaks my heart! Please pray for her!
I miss everyone, at times it is very lonely and hard here! Please continue to pray for me! Love Leah

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