We believe as people choose to serve at Summit, in the local community and around the world, the impact of that service will change lives – for those serving, for the people they serve, and even for those who see them giving their time to help someone else.

Each follower of Jesus is gifted by God for the good of others and building of the church. God wants us to use these gifts to serve people inside and outside of the church. There are many opportunities to serve at Summit, in our community and around the world.

Serve at Summit

Being a mobile church it takes lots of people to make Sunday happen each week. Our needs are as diverse as the people who attend our service.

Try out these serving options:

  • First Serve: try out serving in a ministry for a few weeks to see if the fit is good for you. No strings attached. If it doesn’t work out, not a problem, try another ministry to find the right match for your passions and talents.
  • Seasonal Serve: sometimes you can’t commit for an entire year, but you can for a season. Then this option may be right for you.
  • Join a Team: there is nothing better than finding our sweet spot in serving when our gifts, passions, abilities and personality merge together and we find serving to be energizing and joyful.

To find out more about serving opportunities email: info@summitcommunity.ca