Hello Summit Family,
It has been a busy July, I unexpectedly found out that our FBIS students school year would end in July and that the entrance exam for the next year was currently taking place. I had seven students write the exam, unfortunately all of them did poorly in Khmer and Math. We have decided to hold them back another year and work at improving their math and Khmer.

I just received the final marks of our FBIS students, some of them improved greatly while others just passed. I am so proud of Hà and Thi they both ended their school year with good marks.

I enrolled 6 of our youth in the English Exchange program at Psar Leu church. All of these youth have to work, whether it is picking recycle or helping at home. The numbers for the camp were very low and there wasn’t many youth attending, I had hoped it would be a way for them to develop friendships with some of the Khmer youth. Our students still had a wonderful time and their leader/teacher was Kevin Lim’s (he works at our C&MA District office) wife Carol and she is Vietnamese.
Carol and two other STM members came to our Sunday service.

We went on our monthly visit to the Tonle Sap lake to minister to the Vietnamese school children. We had trouble with our boat and ended up using another one. And the water level was so much higher! When we arrived the children greeted Mên and I by name and with excitement. They then sang a song that Hong and Nguyen had taught them, it was a wonderful welcome! Mên did a great job teaching the bible story and engaging the children. We always give them a verse to learn, it was awesome hearing them recite the verse by memory. It is such a blessing to be with them and our youth love going.

I don’t know about you but I get tired of the same thing over and over. I noticed that my English students needed a change. Since we were learning about rooms in a house I decided to have them design their own rooms. They got so into this project that some of them spent hours making their room, staying late and coming early to work on their designs. Some changed their rooms three times!! They were so creative and they definitely know the English names for the rooms of a house and what goes in them.
We are still tutoring children in Math in the mornings, I had a wonderful break though when I was able to teach Tûan fractions and he understood (it’s not easy teaching a new concept when you can’t speak their language!)

Bill Lobbezoo and his daughter Kim, Mike & Cindy Schmidt and Mark Mitchell came to our Sunday service July 30th. I

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