Sunday November 27 dress rehearsal for the Christmas Play!! The children loved the costumes!
After dress rehearsal we delivered the invitation to the Christmas program and Christmas gift to each family. They received 5kg of Rice, box of noodles and fish sauce. The families were so happy to receive the Christmas gift from Love Your Neighbour Ministry.
Celebrated Hong and Leah’s birthday on November 30! Totally surprised Hong! The children made beautiful cards for her expressing their love for her!
Dec. 1 We’re all ready for the Christmas program. The children are excited and ready to share the Christmas story with their parents! Some parents arrived at 4:00, the program started at 5:30!
Gerry and Nguyen greeting the parents and opening with a prayer!
Leah and Hong gave the salvation message! The choir behaving and listening intently!
The children waiting to preform! Mary and the angel chillin!
Shepherd and his adorable sheep!
The Choir!
Handsome boys & Beautiful girls! Hong purchased outfit for all the children! They looks so good!
The program begins. Ha and Thi are the narrators. Ha speaking in Vietnamese and Thi in English!
Nhi singing What Child is This in Vietnamese.
List of parents and grandparent who made the decision to follow Jesus! Please pray for them. Linh’s dad, La’s mom, dad and grandmother, Mo’s mom, Tin’s mom, Diem Mi’s grandmother, Kieu’s mom. Giau’s mom and Bao’s Aunt!
Thank you Summit for the sunglasses!! So cool!! ❤️🇨🇦

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