Our youth program is designed for preteen & teenage students from grades 5 through 12.

Summit Youth

Summit Youth is a program designed for our preteen and teenage students from grades 5-12. We have three programs that run throughout the year to meet the needs of our students to the best of our abilities through social activities, community building, and spiritual development.

Our Programs

Cliffhangers: Cliffhangers is our program that focusses on our grade 5s and 6s. The program runs in conjunction with THE EDGE, but there are some key differences throughout the program that create great stepping stones of our pre-teens into their teenage years. Cliffhangers runs twice a week, on Wednesday Nights from 7-9pm at 1750 Stouffville Road as well as on Sunday Mornings during our service at 10am at Richmond Green Secondary School.

THE EDGE: THE EDGE is built for our grade 7s and 8s. This program runs in conjunction with Cliffhangers. We meet twice a week, on Wednesday from 7-9pm at 1750 Stouffville Road and Sunday mornings at 10am Richmond Green Secondary School. THE EDGE bridges the gap between the pre-teen and teenage years. We do this by providing a program where they are still allowed to be kids, but will be called to go deeper than they have before in their spiritual walk. In doing so, we are also preparing them for ASCEND, the next step in their Summit Youth journey!

ASCEND: ASCEND serves our grade 9-12 students. We meet every Friday from 7:30-9:30pm at 1750 Stouffville Road , though doors open at 7pm and close around 10pm. A typical night at ASCEND consists of games, worship, a prayer element, and breakout groups.

We believe eating together is crucial in building relationships and so, on the first Friday of every month, we eat together! We open doors at 6:45pm and begin serving dinner at 7:00pm.

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For more information, contact Erwin Van Ramshorst, Pastor of Student Ministries

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