We all have defining moments in our lives – challenging circumstances, relational pain, loss, and transitional seasons.  Our Care Team assists in providing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual help to those in times of distress.  We equip and empower lay caregivers to provide confidential, Christ-centred care to individuals who are in need by encouraging families, small groups and ministry teams to care for each other.

When additional care is required, our Care Team provides Crisis Care, Home Care, Transportation, Hospital Visitation, Congregational Visits, Counselling, Prayer and Meals.

24/7 Hotline contact: 1-855-IPRAY4U (1-855-477-2948)

Care contact: care@summitcommunity.ca

Prayer contact : prayer@summitcommunity.ca

We have faithful servants who are ready to support and care for you.
God is faithful to provide His abundant provision and supply our every need:

Care Request Form

We all have been given unique gifts and passions to serve and love each another.
As one body let us stand united as we care for one another.  Come and join the mission: