January 2023

Month of Prayer & Fasting

This month, we're coming together as a church family to seek God with prayer & fasting.

Play our PURSUIT Series

Downloadable Resources

Weekly Prayer Guides

Download our weekly prayer guides equipped with daily Bible readings, reflection questions, prayer prompts & listening prayers. Click on the prayer icon above to begin praying through a section of our Prayer Focus each week!

Fasting Information

Download our Fasting Information Document to find out more about the spiritual purposes of fasting, the types of fasting, and how to get started. Click on the fasting icon above to for more information!

NextGen & Family Activities

Click on the NextGen icon above to download activities from our NextGen & Family resources, including SCC Prayer Packs, colouring sheets, activity sheets, crafts, info sheets, & more!

ReBuilding Relational Connection & Community

Come Together!

Week 2 of our Month of Prayer & Fasting is all about rebuilding relational connection & community! Practice rebuilding relationships & experience love & connection by rekindling a long-time friendship over a meal together, or a walk! Or enjoy company & community over coffee with someone new!

ReVitalizing Next Generation Ministries

Pray for a SCC NextGen

Click on the NextGen icon above to download our SCC NextGen prayer list to start praying for a Summit Kid, Youth or Young Adult by name!

NextGen Prayer Walk

Join us as we pray for the revitalization of our next generation by grabbing your family, friends, Prayer Pods, Discipleship Squads or LifeGroups & going on a prayer walk around your neighbourhood! Head out around your local area, stopping at houses, playgrounds, community centres & local schools to pray over the NextGens & the leaders that influence their lives.

ReEngaging in the Life & Ministry of the Church

Community Prayer Walk

Grab your friends, family, Prayer Pods, Discipleship Squads or LifeGroups & head out in your community to pray for your neighbours, local establishments, community centres, and places of worship! Walk around your local area and seek God for the needs of our community!